LED Furniture Hire Adelaide

Our LED Furniture is a new and exciting way to light up any event!

How will you make sure your next party or function will be one to remember? We have the answer with our range of unique LED Furniture for Hire. When nightfall comes your party will light up!

  • All items have the ability to cycle between a variety different colours or can be set on 1 colour to match any theme. 
  • Items come with a wireless remote, giving you complete control over the colour cycle. 
  • The furniture comes fully charged ready for your event, so no power is required.
  • Our LED furniture can be seen in use at our showroom day or night!
  • Interested in purchasing? Contact us for any enquiries!

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 LED Bar – $100 P/Day

Serve drinks in style with our unique LED Bar for hire.

The LED bar will be the talk of the party! Not only do they offer a practical place to serve your guests drinks but they make for a stylish and striking centrepiece to any event setting. When nightfall comes your party will light up!

*Bar only

LED Bar Stools – $50 each P/Day

Seat your guests in style with our LED Bar Stools!

If you’re looking for the coolest way to seat your event guests then you’ve found it. Our illuminated LED Bar Stools are the best way to offer both comfortable seating options and a stylish party piece. Paired with Bars or Bar Tables finishes the look creating a sleek night club feel.

*Stool Only

LED Bar Table – $50 each P/Day

*Currently Unavailable*

Unique illuminated LED Bar Tables

Don’t settle for boring old regular bar tables at your next event. Light up the night with our special LED Bar Tables! They make a great place for your guests to gather and chat (Most likely talking about your awesome Bar Tables). Complete the night club feel and pair with our LED Bar Stools too!

* Single Bar table only

LED Chair – $50 each P/Day

Seat your guests in style and comfort with our illuminating LED Chairs

If you’re on the hunt for unique furniture options for your next event then look no further! Our LED chairs are the perfect way to both seat your guests and keep them talking. Pair them with one of LED Table options and really complete the look!

*L.E.D. Chair only

LED Round Table – $40 each P/Day

*Currently Unavailable*

These LED tables are by far the coolest choice in event furniture! Light up the night and give your guests a place to park their drinks at the same time. Pair with our LED chairs or Snake lounges and really set the night alight.

  • Pair with some L.E.D. snake lounges to create a circular setting.
  • Pair with L.E.D. chair to create a setting.

*Round table only

LED Snake Lounge $45 each P/Day

The LED Snake lounge is a new and exciting way to light up any event and seat your guests in style!

Looking for a unique seating option for your next party or event? The versatile LED Snake Lounge is the answer. It’s curved bench shape is not only striking but it allows multiple lounges to be chained together to form a snake (GET IT?), circle or semi-circle.

  • Multiple lounges can be arranged to form a variety of different shapes.
  • Pair with the LED Table to create a circular setting.

*Snake lounge only

LED Cube – $25 each P/Day

Light up your next event with our LED Cubes

What are these versatile little illuminated LED Cubes used for you ask? Anything you want! They make for great little stools, tables or simply used as a striking decoration. A great addition to any party or event, especially when paired with the rest of LED furniture range.

LED Sphere –  

S = $15.00 each P/Day

M = $20.00 each P/Day

L = $25.00 each P/Day

Light up your next event with our ornamental LED Spheres!

A few LED Spheres scattered around the party is all it takes to add that extra something special to your next event. These orbs of light are guaranteed to attract the attention of your guests and light up the evening.

  • Available in 3 different sizes.

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