8.5cm Artificial Rose Heads – 20 Pack | Various Colours Available

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8.5cm Artificial Rose Heads

Our High Quality 8.5cm Artificial Rose Heads are an easy and versatile way to add extra colour or fill out your flower walls or other floral arrangements.

These classically styled Rose heads will bring an extra level of class and beauty to your floral arrangements. Realistic in both look and feel, these Rose heads are the perfect choice if your looking to take your flower wall or other decoration pieces to the next level.

Add a splash of colour to your arrangement or flower wall with many different colours to choose from.



  • 8.5cm width
  • High Quality
  • Push on stem designed to push on to the lattice backing of our Flower Wall Panels
  • Sold in packs of 20 flower heads

For bulk orders please contact us.

SKU: FHD019 FHD021 FHD0023 FHD025 FHD026 FHD028 FHD029 FHD032 FHD037 FHD038 FHD039 FHD040 FHD041 FHD042 FHD043 FHD044 

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20 Pack – 8.5cm Green FHD024, 20 Pack – 8.5cm Bright Pink FHD020, 20 Pack – 8.5cm Peach FHD023, 20 Pack – 8.5cm Apricot Pink FHD019 Budget, 20 Pack – 8.5cm Bright Pink Budget FHD021, 20 Pack – 8.5cm Gold Budget FHD025, 20 Pack – 8.5cm White FHD026, 20 Pack – 8.5cm Champagne FHD028, 20 Pack – 8.5cm Blue FHD029, 20 Pack – White, Green FHD037, 20 Pack – Royal Blue FHD038, 20 Pack – Red FHD039, 20 Pack – Yellow FHD040, 20 Pack – Coral FHD041, 20 Pack – Fuchsia FHD042, 20 Pack – Burgundy FHD043, 20 Pack – Turquoise FHD044, 20 Pack – Gold FHD025, 20 Pack – Black FHD019